Do You Really Need Turnkey Property Management?

Do You Really Need Turnkey Property Management?

Have you found the perfect turnkey property to buy in Council Bluffs, Iowa? Consider hiring a property management company to help you oversee it.

Research shows the market for property management in the US produced more than $99 billion a year in 2022, and this is anticipated to keep growing due to the many benefits property managers offer.

If your property is turnkey, it may seem like you don't need any help with managing it. Wrong! Let's explore how turnkey property management can help you.

Turnkey Property Management

Turnkey properties are fully renovated buildings or homes requiring little maintenance. This means tenants can move into them right away. Some turnkey properties already have tenants in place.

Once you find your dream turnkey investment property, purchase it and rent it out. Then, hire a property management company to handle the home's future maintenance issues (and yes, you need a property manager).


A top reason to hire a turnkey property management company is they can make owning your property even more convenient by managing each part of your rental process. This includes rent collection, lease enforcement, and the tenant background check process.

Using a property manager may especially help you if you don't live near your rental property. Real estate investors also use property managers if they lack the time or desire to manage the rental process themselves.

Hiring a property manager gives you the freedom to focus on your primary job or other activities you enjoy, like travel and golfing.


Another reason to use a turnkey property manager is they can help you find a tenant for a vacant property.

Finding the right tenant can be time-consuming. Reputable property management companies can fill vacancies quickly with well-qualified tenants who'll pay you on time. The sooner you fill your vacancy, the faster you can start generating passive income.

Your manager may also help set a competitive rent price for your home while maximizing your return.

Expert Advice

Yet another reason to hire a turnkey property manager is they may help you identify other great real estate investment opportunities in your area.

Not sure where to start when doing rental market and property sales research? Let your property management company help you determine which properties to buy, when, and where to build a strong portfolio of occupied rental homes.

How We Can Help

Turnkey property management companies help real estate investors oversee move-in-ready properties.

A property manager can handle your rent collection and tenant screenings so you don't have to. They'll also help you fill vacancies quickly. This means more profit for you.

At PMI of the Midlands, we offer grade-A property management services in Council Bluffs. We can help you with rental property marketing, maintenance, financial reporting, and even tenant evictions.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our services, and schedule a consultation now!