How to Utilize a Tenant Portal to Make Your Life Easier as a Council Bluffs, Iowa Landlord

How to Utilize a Tenant Portal to Make Your Life Easier as a Council Bluffs, Iowa Landlord

Over 97% of U.S. households have at least one personal computer. In 2023, almost everything is online. Are you keeping up with the times, or are you stuck in the past?

If you own rental properties, you should be using a tenant portal. But why is it so important? Let's talk about what tenant portals can do to make life easier for you and your tenants.

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Use It for Rent Collection

One of the best things you can do with your tenant portal is use it for rent payments. It will turn rent collection into a total breeze.

Some old-school landlords still want to collect cash or checks, but most younger tenants don't keep cash or checks on hand. As a matter of fact, checks may be obsolete in the near future.

Allowing tenants to pay online will let you get your payments faster and allow tenants to pay with a few clicks. You can also set up rent reminders so tenants never forget to make a payment.

The easier it is for tenants to pay, the more likely it is that the property owner will get their payment on time.

Use It for Maintenence Requests

How do your tenants currently submit maintenance requests? Do they have to call, text, or email you? What happens if messages get lost?

Property maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner, and your tenants deserve to have their problems solved as quickly as possible. Having a maintenance request section on the tenant portal can help with that. You want to keep your tenants happy.

Tenants can submit requests and see their past requests. They can give any important details that the maintenance professional may need and also note down the level of urgency.

This makes everything so much easier and more organized for you, the tenants, and the maintenance professional.

Include a Digital Lease

When your tenants first moved in, they signed a lease. Do they still have a copy of it?

Many people will lose the hard copy of the lease, especially if they stay in the apartment or house for a long time. Unfortunately, they may need to reference their lease at some point.

Putting a digital copy of the lease on the tenant portal makes everything easier. This way, if tenants have a question, they can reference the specific part of their lease that they're wondering about without having to dig it out of their old files.

Some landlords even do digital lease renewals, so tenants can also sign new leases from their tenant portal.

Take Advantage of Your Tenant Portal

A tenant portal is a game-changer for landlords and tenants alike. You can use it for easier rent collection, maintenance requests, lease information, and so much more. All modern landlords should have tenant portals available for their tenants!

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